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laboratory of stimuli-responsive
chemical systems @ snu.chem

Controllable, reversible, and readable interconversion between two stable states of a molecule is a topic of fundamental and practical importance.  Our research group is exploring structurally pre-organized molecular and supramolecular structures as well-defined “conduits" for (a) electronic coupling between multiple non-proximate redox-active centers or chromophores and (b) mechanical coupling between mobile components strategically placed within loosely-held molecular scaffolds. These studies involve iterative design processes guided by empirical observations and theoretical investigations, both of which we are actively engaged in.  Together, we are advancing the frontiers of molecular devices for applications in sensing, switching, transport, and actuation. 

Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, KOREA

Interested in post-graduate / graduate research or undergraduate research opportunities?  Please e-mail, or just knock the door if you happen to be nearby.  Try Rm 503–524 if you want to see DL; visit Rm 503–503 (lab) or Rm 503–532 (student office) if you want to meet with people who actually do all the work.

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