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7월 22일 (화요일) 그룹미팅

  • 503-504에서 오후 3시에 시작합니다.
  • literature presentation

1.    엄현석
"Design and synthesis of the first triply twisted Möbius annulene"
Gaston R Schaller, Filip Topić, Kari Rissanen, Yoshio Okamoto, Jun Shen, and Rainer Herges.
Nature Chemistry, 2014 vol. 6 (7) pp. 608-613.

2.    하재영
"A Self-Powered Polymeric Material that Responds Autonomously and Continuously to Fleeting Stimuli"
Matthew S. Baker, Vinita Yadav, Ayusman Sen, and Scot T. Phillips.
Angew Chem Int Ed, 2013 vol. 52 (39) pp. 10295-10299.

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