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9월 11일 (목요일) 화학부 정규 세미나: 500동 목암홀

이번주 세미나 연사는 포항공과대학교 화학과 김기문 교수님입니다.  연구주제의 깊이와 폭에 있어서 아주 좋은 세미나가 될 것이니 가능하면 모두 참석하도록 합시다.

제목: Functional Materials Based on Supramolecular Chemistry

초록: Over the last 15 years we have been interested in developing new functional materials based on the principles of supramolecular chemistry such as molecular recognition and self-assembly. More specifically, we have been working on molecular recognition problems using synthetic receptors, especially, a relatively new family of host molecules, cucurbiturils. Recently, by taking advantage of their high binding affinity and specificity, we have been exploring their applications such as in drug delivery, tissue engineering, isolation of plasma membrane proteins, and underwater adhesion. We have been also interested in developing novel nanostructured materials such as polymer nanocapsules, 2D polymers, and hollow toroidal microrings by self-assembly utilizing not only noncovalent interactions but also covalent bonds. Finally, we have been working on modular porous materials made of metal ion and organic building blocks (MOFs), or pure organic molecules, which are potentially useful in many applications including gas storage, catalysis and transport. In this seminar I will present some of our recent work in the first two areas.